Water Buffalo Cheese?

water buffaloInteresting read in the Grand Rapids Press regarding a Dairy venture based on milk from water buffalo which went under and is liquidating its assets. A couple of things come to mind when reading this;
1) Good Italian mozzarella cheese comes from water buffalo?
2) Water buffalo are prevalent in Italy?
3) Not just wild game hunting ranges, but Exotic wild game hunting ranges exist too?

Point 1) According to the always reliable Wikipedia, ”Buffalo mozzarella is an important industry in Italy. “Italy… is home to the €300m (£240m) a year industry… Italy produces around 33,000 tonnes of its trademark mozzarella from buffalo milk every year…”

Point 2) Well, I had originally thought Water Buffalo are native to Asia, and doing a little research that is correct. But they were brought over to Europe some time ago. There are conflicting theories on how the buffalo arrived to Italy, some say by the returning crusaders, others say the Normans or the Goths. Must be like the tomato which was native to the Americas only, but once it got back to Europe, the Italians ran with it and never looked back.

Point 3) Lastly, when I think of wild game hunting ranches I immediately imagine that it features a small fenced in pen and you choose which one you want and BAM it’s yours, call the taxidermist and mount that head. Akin to when the Simpson family visited the new restaurant in town called the Slaughterhouse. Where are these ranges, and what other exotic animals do they have available to hunt? I guess people can get bored with just deer. Do they keep them in cages or pens until a prospective hunter states he wants to hunt a Water Buffalo? Or do they let them all roam? Do they have predatory animals for hunt as well? Do they have an e-mail list which alerts all to when a “new” animal is available for hunting? Do they offer onsite taxidermy? If the hunter is from out of town, how do they transport the carcass? What kind of permits does a place like this need to exist?
Well here is one in Texas, best part you can hunt with your bow, rifle, or the most logical weapon of choice handgun? You can hunt with a handgun?
Wow that was quite a journey, thanks Grand Rapids Press!

UPDATE: Almost everything has been auctioned off or sold, some land remains.


One response to “Water Buffalo Cheese?

  1. thats a cool animal

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