West Michigan Made: WhizWheelz

Bicycles, tricycles and recumbent trikes? Recumbent Trikes are 3 wheeled vehicles which are low to the ground and their construction enable riders to sit down and have back support while they are cycling, somewhat like adult tricycle. A Kentwood based manufacturer called WhizWheelz makers of TerraTrikes specializes in manufacturing recumbent trikes. Occasionally, I see these trikes on the roads and sidewalks, and all I think of is how comfortable those must be. Whenever I bike ride, my back ends up hurting and the seat is none too comfortable. Looking at these trikes, they make cycling seems so much more appealing and comfortable. Unfortunately the price tag is quite high, most models are over $1,499 but they do offer a model under $1,000 called the Path, available for $999 (just under the threshold). I recommend reading over WhizWheelz history page it gives a nice snapshot of their whole start-up process and is quite interesting, especially for those who have entrepreneurial aspirations. Another appealing aspect of the company is that their facility features an indoor track where you can take the trikes for test drives. I would imagine that this is quite a perk for people like me who are intrigued with the trikes but are quite hesitant because of the high price. Perhaps I will have to become one of those investigative bloggers and take one out for a spin.  I will let you know how that turns out.

WhizWheelz is located at 4525 Stauffer Ave SE Suite A in Kentwood.

They also manufacturer guitars with their Etavonni brand.  That is a nice bit of diversification.


3 responses to “West Michigan Made: WhizWheelz

  1. They may want to think about a name change: going by the title of your post alone, I was pretty sure they manufactured some type of self-powered urinal.

  2. You sould definitely try one out! I,m a dealer of theirs in central Ohio. They make a great product and have great service! Beware though… you may end up with a bad case of trikers grin!

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