The Power of Spin: Grand Craft

Please read the following article about Grand-Craft, a wooden boat manufacturer in Holland, posted on Rapid Growth on April 19 2009.

Now read this story about Grand-Craft in the Holland Sentinel, posted on June 12, 2009.

Wow I would never thought that Grand Craft was closing based on the Rapid Growth story.  Interestingly enough according the Holland Sentinel article Grand Craft was already starting to close down in December 2008.  Just goes to show you the power of public relations can have.  Maybe Grand Craft should have leveraged product placement that Kid Rock gave them by using a Grand Craft boat in his music videos.


3 responses to “The Power of Spin: Grand Craft

  1. I was unfamiliar with Rapid Growth until reading your post, but after reading the linked article and skimming the headlines of the last few dozen news stories, I get the feeling that the people (persons?) who run it are only interested in Relentlessly Positive Takes On Big Things Happening With Local Businesses!
    If the “reporter” bothered to ask a single question about the viability of Grand Craft, he must have decided that another fawning description of the mahogany dust covered owner was more important.
    Must be tough to be scooped by the Sentinel.

    • Rapid Growth does have its place, and it does bring up a lot of interesting stories and companies to the forefront (at least for me). But still you do need to represent the facts, and posting a positive news piece on the manufacturer and find out that months later the place is closed down and starting winding down even before the article was posted to Rapid Growth, doesn’t leave a good taste in your mouth. Hopefully they will take this as a lesson learned.

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