Baseball in Holland?

Tulip City Beauty College, a cosmetology school opening up in Holland brought some sad memories up for me.  The location where this school is opening up is the former Hart & Cooley building on 8th Street,

and at one point after Hart & Cooley left there was talk about transforming that whole complex into a minor league baseball stadium. The developers (Suncoast Baseball, and Third Coast Development Partners) wanted to bring a Frontier League team to Holland.  They did not have a team lined up.  They were going by the whole if you build it they will come which probably made it much more of a pipedream than anything.  But still I was hopeful that this plan would happen and I could enjoy “competitive” baseball in my own backyard.  Eh this is probably for the best who wants to watch Frontier League Baseball…I would for sure want at least Rookie Ball or Single A with affliations (I kid).  But anyways seems like the plan died last year, according to this story.  Oh well, maybe there will be some other deserted industrial complex some wild developers might convert into a stadium, one can dream.


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