World’s Largest ______…How Cole’s and Birdola are Making Grand Rapids Big

The Guiness Book of World Records is quite an odd thing, and reading about what people have to do to get in the book is often quite ridiculous,  and impractical.  So when I recently read this story about Cole’s, a local frozen garlic bread manufacturer, attempting to produce the world’s longest or biggest (articles did not specify) garlic bread at 150 inches (which does not seem all that long), I was fascinated.  They created the “giant” garlic bread for the Taste of Muskegon and to celebrate Muskegon County’s 150 year anniversary (see the connection), and this article says they have been working with the Guiness Book of Records since February.  These record attempts always seem to get some press which is good for the company, gets their name out there, maybe builds awareness of the event they are participating in or supporting.  But the thing that interests me is that there is no follow-up.  Did they or did they not break the world record?  Shouldn’t that be confirmed by now, because it seems like with no follow-up that they failed in their attempt to break the record.  Though I doubt that because the article states that there is no record for garlic bread.  So prior to this event, I could have grabbed couple of foot long Italian bread rolls, slathered them with garlic butter and voila – The King of Garlic Bread is born.

Speaking of records, another Grand Rapids area company got swept up in the Guiness Record Book craze, Birdola.  Birdola is a manufacturer of wild bird food and wildlife cakes (think suet).  In September 2008 they celebrated their 20 year anniversary with ….you guessed it, the “World’s Largest Wildlife Feed Cake.”  The 700 pound cake was donated to Blandford Nature Center where all the animals could partake – birds, squirrels, and others, they estimated it would last about three months.  Well done by Birdola for donating the giant cake for a good cause.  But again, I have no idea if they broke the record or not.  How about a follow-up piece answering that question and these others:  how long did the cake last, what animals ate from the cake, did any animals get stuck, and did any of the animals of the nature center get sick from eating too much cake.


One response to “World’s Largest ______…How Cole’s and Birdola are Making Grand Rapids Big

  1. True, they (Blandford or Birdola) could have made even MORE of the feed cake. Perhaps they could have started a “cake cam” )or a “feedcake feed” and kept it on their Web site. Or perhaps they might have gotten the GR Press to do a weekly update. (Properly documented, it just might have earned another Guiness for “World’s Longest Lasting Feedcake” or “Most Animal Fed, One Feedcake.”)

    Oh well, I guess proactive marketing isn’t their strong suet. I mean, suit. 🙂

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