Dodged a Bullet

Back in winter of 2007 I was laid off by my employer (automotive supplier who began to feel the recession before it was officially announced).  I thought that it would not be any problem getting a job again, just clean up the resume and find some job postings and apply.  Well I was quite wrong, I was not hearing anything back for awhile.  Then finally a place I had applied to called back for an interview, Techmedica.  Awesome, finally got a job lead, so I eagerly confirmed the interview date and time, and then began my research like any good potential candidate would do.  I was quite surprised by what I found,  here are a few of the links:  Here, here (I enjoy the pictures of the facility – you can still see this building off of the Beltline),  and from the BBB here .  Needless to say this opportunity did not look so great anymore, so I consulted my brain-trust (wife, dogs, and cats) and decided that I should cancel this interview, and look elsewhere.  Good thing I did too – The former owner just plead guilty to numerous charges of marketing and selling fake medications.  Now all those name changes make sense, but I have to think that now Ionxhealth Inc. and the will have a hard time continuing in business.  Why wouldn’t they try to distance themselves as far as possible away from the Techmedica name?  If you Google Techmedica, the first result is  So would having something like Techmedica (or other business of ill repute) on your resume be a blackmark against you?  What do you think?


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