Grade F in Marketing – Portage Printing

Portage Printing adLook at this ad for Portage Printing, that was in a recent issue of MiBiz.  Anyone get it?  Let me take a stab.  As person who enjoys beer, I am familiar with a type of beer called Porter and that word is somewhat similar to Portage.  Yes I know it is a stretch, plus the beer in the ad looks like an amber ale anyways.  Also whats up with the  catapult type machine in the beer (I was informed that it is a printing press).  But who would want to use a printing press half submerged in beer?

“Your business cards should look better than theirs”, no word on how this Portage Printing ad fits in that statement.


One response to “Grade F in Marketing – Portage Printing

  1. Wow! So bad it leaves me breathless. First, let’s steal and “adapt” a line from a campaign no one in the universe would have missed. (I’m sure that’s the idea — everyone will “get” it, right?) And I agree…after the “dunking” I don’t want the printing press OR the beer! By the way, I don’t think the Porter/Portage thing is intentional.

    Also: I read the “call to find out how” before I noticed the “Your business card…” line. Bad layout of a bad idea.

    I would think lots of agencies saw that; maybe they could get a trade-out deal for a better ad in the process. Heck, it would be so easy I’d do it for a few free photocopies.

    Keep those baddies coming! Gives all us good ad guys a superiority complex.

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