Showcasing Your Company

This is an image of Lamar Construction’s corporate headquarters in Hudsonville.  You can easily view this on the east side of I-196 just south of the Hudsonville exit.   According to Lamar’s website the building features a “52 ft. x 100 ft. structural steel cantilever–one of the largest of its kind in the United States.”  What I like about this building is the statement that it makes to everyone who looks at this building.  Lamar designed their headquarters with the mind-set that “We are a construction company, we better prove it with this building”.  They could have easily just built the typical rectangular building which would have served them well, but instead they took this as an opportunity to showcase their company’s skill in construction.  They showcased their company’s talent by building a structure that seemingly only an expert in the industry would build.  Appearances are important, and they do play a role in the consumer’s mind, there needs to be alignment between the company, their product, and their appearance, it is the whole brand experience.

It is no different then if you walk into an advertising agency, you expect to see their work displayed, as a visitor you want to experience their brand.  Or if you were to step foot into one of the office furniture manufacturers you expect their best and newest furniture in the front lobby and throughout their building.  It would be a total disconnect for you if you had to sit down on a fold up chair in the lobby, and the company would have failed in showcasing itself.  It is part of the consumer experience to make sure that every message or image received from the company and fits together.  What are some other examples of companies who have their brand, products and appearance aligned in order to showcase themselves?

How many of you would take that corner office at the end of the cantilever at Lamar?


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