Sassy Baby ReBrand

Sassy Baby Products is a local Grand Rapids company that produces, yes you got it baby products.  Recently I have noticed Sassy undergo a brand redesign.  See below for their old packaging on the left and their new packaging on the right.

Quite a difference.  A change from a cursive, rounded text with a unique (ugly) color pattern of red, orange, white and yellow, to a simple clean look of red, white, and black with a straight font.  Not to mention a logo which is more than just the name spell out, by using the red and black lady bug in conjunction with their brand name.  Unfortunately I could not find any of their new packaging pictures online but stroll though the baby section in any store and you will notice the rebranded Sassy toys.

I like their new color choice and it makes perfect sense for a company that caters to babies.  Why, well babies can see and are attracted to high contrast colors, like white and black and even red (see link).  So effectively the Sassy redesign speaks to the babies, so if a parent is shopping in the store and holds up a few packaged toys to the baby in the shopping cart, the baby may not be looking at the toy itself but at the packaging.  With Sassy’s white, black and red look you may have a few more babies reaching for, or engaging the package, that their parent is holding up.

Also one small side note, I was told that Sassy has a factory outlet store by their Grand Rapids facility.  Let me know if anyone has been there and if it is still open.

So what do you think, is Sassy marketing to the babies?  What do you think of their old brand versus new brand?


4 responses to “Sassy Baby ReBrand

  1. Mark,
    Not sure. I think there is room to quibble on a few points – like what colors attract whom, and whether the “holding up toys to the baby in the store” is a common purchase driver. But I basically agree with you.

    The two objects you compared are very different, of course, and that may be part of it….but I thing the overall effect of the old branding is bright, gaudy, and typical. The brand gets lost in this and a thousand other toys, expensive and cheap, that look roughly like this. The new brand is certainly more distinctive, suggests a higher quality level (at least to me) and would probably appeal more to upscale parents – which equals upscale price receptivity.

  2. Mike,
    I think your comment about the old brand getting “lost” hits the nail on the head. Bright Starts in another baby brand which has the same colors in their logo and their packaging, similar to the old Sassy look. I would often confuse the two and lump them together.

    Next time I am at Target I will grab some photos of the updated packaging to compare apples to apples.

  3. I have to admit, as a new parent, I am certainly more drawn to the new color scheme…

  4. I stock and sell a large assortment of Sassy product here in Chicagoland. I am pround to do so as a ex-Metro Grand Rapidian.

    Since the graphics change out, I’ve notice a good sell down in inventory. Plus the products ‘look and feel’ merchandise very well with our store.

    Great move by Sassy!

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