Timing is Everything – Thoughts on the RAAWM Press Conference

On Wednesday January 27th, 2010, Dick DeVos and his PR firm Wondergem Consulting held a press conference to discuss a major initiative for air travel in West Michigan, the Regional Air Alliance of West Michigan (RAAWM).  From what I gathered through twitter ( hashtag #grairserivce) it was a successful press conference which was cleverly done, and certainly was good news for area residents looking for better flying options.  But one thing that was off was the timing.  First off another more famous person was holding a press conference at the same time- Apple’s Steve Jobs for the iPad.  Now, the RAAWM press conference would not have garnered global attention, but still the local Grand Rapids and West Michigan audiences might have had their attention diverted because of the iPad event.  I am sure that the media spotlight and social media buzz surrounding RAAWM might have been greater had they not had their announcement at the same time as the iPad.

Here is my second issue with the timing of the announcement, the organization’s website, www.raawm.org, is not fully functioning and does not contain any relevant information. Here is link (RaaWM) to a pdf image of what the website looked like on 1/27/2010 in case it gets changed, and hopefully it does soon.  But why would you hold a major press announcement without having everything ready to go?  I had read the Grand Rapids Press story on the announcement then I quickly gooogled RAAWM to get the real scoop and I was quite disappointed to find nothing of value on the website.   So once again timing is everything.

RaaWM (link to pdf image of raawm website on 1/27/2010)


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