Holland Hospital – Thanks for the Beer Koozie

My daughter’s preschool visited Holland Hospital yesterday for a field trip.  When I began talking to my daughter about her visit, she interrupts me and shows me the following item, that she received from Holland Hospital after her visit.

Baffled, I examined the product and it was a spongy type mousepad feeling thing with two parallel metal snap bracelets embedded inside. I asked her what is it, and she responds “The man at the hospital says that this is our superhero bracelet.”  Really, wrist-band was the last thing I thought of, but the first thing I thought of was automatic Beer Koozie with snap action.

Looks much better on a can than on a wrist, doesn’t it?

Promotional items are so hit or miss, as a company you want to make sure your promotional items will be used (and not by the recipient’s children) or remain on someone’s desk, and not in a garbage can.  It is important to know your customers, and have a good sense of what they would use what they would not use.  Take some time, and think of things you would use and not throw away if given a promotion item, and also think of items that would support your brand, industry, or product.

So I am not quite sure what Holland Hospital was trying to do with their Mousepad/Snap Bracelet/Beer Koozie.  Any thoughts? did I miss any more possible applications for this product?


9 responses to “Holland Hospital – Thanks for the Beer Koozie

  1. I’m glad your daughter liked and appreciated the small gift I gave her after touring the hospital with her classmates.

    Holland Hospital rarely gets requests for tours for three years olds. Hence, our small supply of ‘giveaway’ items is geared primarily for adults.

    In an effort to draw upon the children’s imagination (and so that they could have something by which to remember their visit), I gave each child a ‘super hero power wrist band,’ a.k.a. a beverage koozie.

    I’m sorry if this small gesture confused you. The children seemed to like the gift as it was presented.

    Tim Breed
    Public Relations Coordinator
    Holland Hospital

    • Hi Tim Breed,

      Thanks for the comment. I appreciate the gesture as well, and I got a kick out of how my daughter was talking about the wristband, and the super hero twist that you gave the item was a good one.

      I was more confused as to what the product was initially meant for but you have solved the mystery…it is a beverage koozie. Which I guess is a little more encompassing than how I had labeled it as a beer koozie.

      Thanks again for entertaining the kids, my daughter had a good time at Holland Hospital.

  2. Mark – That is awesome! Thanks for the entertaining post.

  3. I’m somewhat impressed that Tim is sharp enough to find and respond to a rather unknown blog to reply to a posting about his company. Nice job!

    • You bring up a really good point Craig. I was surprised (shocked even) to see an actually response from an employee of Holland Hospital. In fact, I am amazed when I get any sort of comments. But it is important to monitor your brand online and with Google Alerts it is quite easy to do so. So kudos to Tim for taking time to respond, and helping to clarify.

  4. Oh, and no offense menat on the “rather unknown blog” part of that! 😉

  5. Just discovered your blog today via twitter post to #WMiBlogs…

    Commenting rather late and (as always) off-topic because usually the things that stand out to me are the most obscure:

    Here’s to a blast from the past with the PBR 😉


    • Thanks Jolon – Hopefully I am using that hashtag the right way. If you are looking for obscure check out my archives I have some interesting posts in there. By the way the only reason we had PBR was the $5 rebate they offered.

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