Sorting Out Twitter Hashtags in Holland (Michigan)

Alright well in my last post I stated why it is important to toot your own horn and promote your causes.  Well I just came across something, and as you could have guessed it had to do with Holland, Michigan, and yes I should rename the blog (but if I do that I might lose all my valued readers).

Twitter Hashtags
I read the following article from West Michigan Business Review, Influence blog on “How Hashtags Help Promote West Michigan” by Laura Bergells.  Ok did you read it?  Notice any glaring omissions.  Where is Holland (even Saugatuck is mentioned)?  Now I will have to admit that this one is particularly close to my heart because I helped start the hashtag of #HollandMI, here is the evidence.  This would have been a perfect addition for this story.  Just try searching for Holland, Michigan news with the hashtag of #Holland, and you are going to get all items related to the Netherlands.  When I was looking for local tweeters in my area, searching through the #holland hashtag was maddeningly frustrating.  Look how the #HollandMI hashtag has taken off.  The local twitter community had a need, and solved it so tweeters can now properly identify with Holland, Mi.  Additionally, the article could have used a little levity with the #tuliptime hashtag fight going on between Pella, IA and Holland, MI, which was quite fun as well.

Anyways just wanted to plug my city again, and if you are interested feel free to follow me on twitter as well.


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