It Has Begun – LG Chem in Holland

Well not sure if I got the scoop on this or not but LG Chem has opened (what looks to be) their office at 10717 Adams (16th) Street in Holland. (Update: heard from Holland City Council that a small group of LG Chem staff are using the office to oversee the construction).  Remember that LG Chem chose Holland as the location for the battery cell manufacturing plant where they will produce batteries for GM electric cars.  I first noticed the sign last Friday, June 18th, in this office complex where Huntington Bank and TLC Logistics are currently located.

They have also begun breaking ground on their new battery manufacturing facility on 146th Street, and the land they are tearing up is massive.  This thing is going to be huge, it is just too bad they could not repurpose an existing empty manufacturing buildings in the area like Johnson Controls (and Saft) did with their Meadowbrook battery plant (though Johnson Controls did still own their plant).  Anyways if you find yourself in Holland take the kids down there and have them marvel at all the dirt, and construction vehicles.

I must say that LG sign looks good in Holland, and yes Life’s Good in Holland.


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