McDonald’s Using West Michigan as a Test Market, Again.

Just an update on my West Michigan – America’s Test Market post.  Here is another example of some consumer products that are currently being test marketed in West Michigan.  According to this article by Ad Age McDonald’s is testing a frozen strawberry lemonade in Michigan along with other markets.  Right now I have seen this frozen strawberry lemonade at all area McDonald’s along with a TV ad spot with a talking lemon.  Last year McDonald’s used West Michigan as a test market for their smoothies which they are now launching nationwide next month.  Going back even further McDonald’s tested their McCafe specialty coffees in West Michigan.

Anyone else have any examples of other items test marketed in West Michigan?


3 responses to “McDonald’s Using West Michigan as a Test Market, Again.

  1. Hey Mark,

    Just found your blog and I really enjoy it. Keep it up. I also just tried one of those frozen strawberry things at McD’s–not bad, but I don’t think they can catch up to the Slurpee and Slushie craze around here…..

  2. Thanks, Skip. Well I was not aware of the Slurpee craze. I am surprised that the term Slurpee stuck considering there are no 7-11’s in West Michigan, though there used to be one on 16th and College.

  3. True–I’m using “Slurpee” somewhat generically…My kids are regulars at Wesco and Speedways buying whatever those flavored frozen drinks are called!

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