Twisted Rooster – Emphasis on Twisted

Please read the comments section for an update & for a good example of customer service

Twisted Rooster is now open, and I am feel a bit conflicted.  Even though I am a lowly blogger, I feel that I have contributed to Twisted Rooster’s successful launch and opening of their restaurant (but if it fails then I hereby retract the previous statement).  Let me give you some background and you can let me know what you think.  On May 27th I wrote my “Breaking the Chain – O’Charley’s becoming Twisted Rooster” story.  I also tweeted the story at 1:19 PM on May 27th.  On the same date  Twisted Rooster retweeted my tweet (screen shot below and you can also visit their twitter page and scroll down to May 27th on their twitter page and see it). 

Also on May 27th Twisted Rooster posted a link to my blog post on their facebook page, which was “liked” and “commented” by others.  This wall posting that Twisted Rooster put on their own wall was recently removed (I viewed it earlier this week, and now it is nowhere to be found).

Additionally, as soon as my blog was being mentioned on facebook and twitter, Twisted Rooster began using the term “unchaining”, which I first used in my original post (second to the last paragraph)
“So what do you think is this going to be a continuing trend, the “unchaining” of restaurants?  Can we expect more restaurants to go this route?  What are your thoughts and is this a good thing or bad thing?”

So now Twisted Rooster is using the term “unchaining” and in conjunction with Grand Rapids Social Diary they hosted a un”CHAIN”ing Party for their soft launch on July 21, 2010.  Where they invited a list of VIPs to attend.

To recap – Twisted Rooster removed a wall post that they posted about my blog, Twisted Rooster and Grand Rapids Social Diary took “unchaining” term and ran with it, and with what could have been a nice PR move, I was not invited to the soft launch. So it seems to me like they are taking all the credit for the term “unchaining” and then trying to erase the source of this word, me.

It is not like I expect any monetary gain or special treatment, but it would’ve been nice to be recognized for my ideas.  Being invited to attend the soft launch would have been a nice gesture, but again not something I expected to happen.  Let me clarify that I do not have a problem with Twisted Rooster’s actions by themselves, but coupled together and with the Facebook wall post that was deleted (let’s just call this the straw – final one or the one that broke the camel’s back – you decide), just leaves a sour taste in my mouth.  I am having trouble coming up with any other reasons why Twisted Rooster would delete their facebook wall post, besides trying to erase their link to me and my post.  So here I am writing about how Twisted Rooster took my idea and pushed me aside instead of writing a follow-up on how cool it was that  they borrowed my idea, gave my blog great publicity, and how I stopped by for lunch the other day.

So what do you think?

a) Shut up stupid blogger, and go back to your mother’s basement
b) Yeah I can understand your frustration but that is life
c) If that happened to me, I would be super pissed and would stand outside of Twisted Rooster with the no rooster sign pictured above
d) I don’t care, just write about something interesting


8 responses to “Twisted Rooster – Emphasis on Twisted

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  3. Twisted Rooster

    You did totally help us launch and your cleverness was highly appreciated by us…but corporate O’charley’s ….not so much. That’s why it had to come down just this week.

    Email me your address so I can send you VIP gift certificates of your own for all the work you have done in helping us launch. You are awesome & I’m sorry you were overlooked 😦

    • Hi Twisted Rooster,

      Thanks so much for your comment, and shedding some light onto the situation. I am relieved that the post was taken down for the reason you mentioned, and not what I had originally hypothesized. I am glad that you had found some value out of post, and that it helped you out with the new restaurant.

      Thanks for the offer as well, and I look forward to writing a wrap up on the “unchaining” after visiting Twisted Rooster.

  4. I’m confused, it’s unchaining, but there is still part of the O’Charley’s franchise? So, same restaurant, same owners, same everything but the name? Looking forward to the review.

    • HI Katie,

      Thanks for the question. Here is how I understand it. Meritage Hospitality Group (MHG) owns and operates 3 O’Charley’s restaurants (not counting the recently converted Twisted Rooster (TR) in GR) in the state. They most likely have some sort of franchising agreement in place with O’Charley’s corporate, for their remaining restaurants. MHG said that the remaining restaurants will be switched over to the TR format within 2 years. If you read my original post on TR it might explain it better, and there are numerous links to other new stories about the switch.

  5. Twisted Rooster

    Hi Katie,

    O’Charley’s is a franchised restaurant with corporate headquarters based in Nashville, TN. We are a “franchisee” of that concept. We have completed the franchise agreement and have begun the conversion to independent restaurants. While it is the same “building”, I can assure you that the environment inside is completely different as well as the menu. We now have one year to complete the conversion and will soon be coming to Holland, Belleville, and Chesterfield with new concepts.

    As an independent, we were then able to design our out menu, uniforms, decor, etc… and be able to use local suppliers. Our menu will be ever evolving as the seasons change and the guest’s taste buds change.

    We do hope you check out Twisted Rooster! Feel free to contact me if you have specific questions that I have not answered…

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