ClipCleany – Why is This So Difficult?

ClipCleany… chances are you have never heard of it.  I just became aware of ClipCleany after reading the “Innovation Michigan” section of the West Michigan Business Review. Well the ClipCleany is a new product for dog owners to attach onto leashes, here is more info off of their website:

“It is a small egg shaped container that fits directly on the leash that keeps doggy do-do bags—the ones you want to use- from plastic grocery sacks to any number of doggy waste bags on the market today.   The ClipCleany™ also has a wet chamber to carry wipes and a dry chamber for money or dog treats.”

Since I have three dogs this device sounds interesting, and I want to see the product and examine this “egg” for myself and see the size, the compartments, and how it works.  So I visit ClipCleany’s homepage – no pictures.  I go to ClipCleany store – well that is weird, no ClipCleanys for sale, just apparel and accessories.  OooooooK well I guess the ClipCleany logo design is kind of cute, but I am not sure if I would want to purchase any apparel without actually seeing or knowing or owning the actual product, but some people might.  Alright so let’s see where else this elusive product might be hiding on this website, a ha the “Benefits” tab.  Wait nope nothing really in there which hasn’t already been discussed on the homepage.  Wow this is frustrating, why can’t I find this product.  Next stop, “Media” eh forget it, I don’t want to watch a video right now, lets move on to “Blog.”  Hey look there is a picture of the ClipCleany, cool, let me click on the image to get a better view.  Well did not help, I think the picture got blurrier.  Alright I guess I will resign myself to start watching some video, so I click one the Fox 17 news videos.  Finally success! They show the product, and even better, they actually cover why they  have been so secretive about the ClipCleany – patent was still pending, concerned with foreign rights (both of which sound like valid concerns).

But if they can show the product on TV how come the product is not yet visible on the website?  Especially since she is looking for manufacturers and retailers to carry the product, wouldn’t you want it visible to the public so they can start asking their retailers for it and hopefully start to create a demand?  Or at least make a comment on the homepage as to why the product is not being shown.  Because that would have been extremely helpful when I was first seeking out information on the ClipCleany, and I would image other visitors have similar thoughts as well.  Anyways good luck to ClipCleany and hopefully we will see the product on shelves soon.


6 responses to “ClipCleany – Why is This So Difficult?

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  2. Thank you so much for your article! I need to update my site and I apologize for it being so annoying.

    Erika Berry
    creator of the clipcleany

    • Hi Erika,

      Well congrats on the product, and on all the publicity you are getting with the Whirlpool award and on the Innovation segment of West Michigan Business Review. I just wanted to find out more about ClipCleany but if I did not watch the videos I would have left scratching my head. Hope that I provided the “constructive” kind of criticism. Good luck on getting your product on shelves.

  3. Wow. I agree with you Mark. Lots of companies I know would pay boatloads for that kind of interest and exposure! And when you’re kicking off a product like this, it’s helpful to have a number of ambassadors that can sing the praises of your product–like you. But they have to do a much better job of getting people directly to the product. Most won’t go through the lengths that you did!

    • Well I don’t know if I would start calling myself an ambassador, I think it is more curiosity. I am not sure what push ClipCleany has currently done in getting products on shelves, but getting a couple of these into the hands of local specialty dog store owners hands, or if there are any West Michigan “Mommy” bloggers who have dogs, or even one of the many pet adoption drives that or the recent Blocktails event by Bissell would have been a great place to walk around with one of these, maybe even just visiting the local dog parks. Maybe I need to start having a consulting side of this blog?

      Thanks for the comment Skip.

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