Come on, iLean!

Groan, say hello to another “i” branded product, the iLean, a lightweight shelving unit (created & made in West Michigan).  Am I the only one who is getting quite tired of this whole “i” name thing?  It is getting out of control and whole “i” name has already been around since 2001, when Apple first released the iPod. So using “i” isn’t this fresh, new idea… it is now old, tired, and worn.  As far as I’m concerned, Apple is the only company that can use the “i” moniker with impunity (but they can still mess it up, case in point “iPad”).

Don’t get me wrong, its a great story of a Holland resident who had a need (portable shelving for her garden), created a solution (the iLean), created a company Angleworks and then ultimately through various partners (all in West Michigan) brought the product to market.  I love the stories about the entrepreneurial mind & spirit at work, and it looks like a cool product, but lets be a little more creative on naming this shelving unit.

Just google “ilean” and see how many pages it takes you to get to the official website.  Nothing on page 1.  There is a story on a mommy blog on page 2, a result on page 3 for Real Simple, then nothing until page 9 with a campus life blog, and after I hit page 20 of the search results, I give up… nothing for their official site So what did I learn, Ilean is a perfectly acceptable and widely used spelling for the name Eileen, and iLean needs some SEO help (any of you SEO types reading this should probably give these guys a call, and I would be more than happy to receive a lead commission as well).

They even named their accessories the following iLink, & iLedge.  Well good luck to Angleworks and their new product, the iLean.

Dexys Midnight Runners must be so proud!

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