Logo Critique – All Weather Seal

So this is the All Weather Seal logo.  The question is:

Is this a seal who does roofs or a seal that is promoting clubbing (which is apparently still going on in the arctic circle)?

You be the judge.

Oh and if you want to be depressed google Seal Clubbing for images.


4 responses to “Logo Critique – All Weather Seal

  1. i just found this post and i must say, it is one of the dumbest posts i’ve had the displeasure of reading in quite awhile. it is obviously a seal that does roofing, you’ll notice it is carrying tools in it’s flippers, not whale bone clubs.

    • Well this is not one of my best posts but none the less the logo and the name strike me as odd. I understand the “seal” portion of the name is used in reference to sealing a house with windows, doors, and stuff. But the whole roofing thing seems totally unrelated to “sealing”. How are a hammer and a saw good representations of roofing? When I first saw the logo from a distance I could not make out the saw and hammer, and thats how I got my clubbing thought. In regards to clubbing seals, I am sure that people use more tools and just whale bone clubs.

      Anyways thanks for reading, I hope my other posts have made up for my “dumbest” post.

  2. Without sealing the roof- nothing is sealed!- from rain, snow, etc. You have to have a hammer to work on a roof , amongst other tools—-

    • Thanks for verifying Steve… Awhile back I came across some MiBiz articles that mentioned the same thing about Hudsonville Ice Cream and also about Old Orchard Juices. Though after their website redesign some of these older archived stories went away.

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