Bachelor Pad Grand Rapids Promotion – A Few Thoughts

River House Condominiums located in downtown Grand Rapids on Bridge St., is holding a contest, Grand Rapids Bachelor at River House. They are looking for a male of at least 21 years of age, non-married, legal resident of Michigan with a clean criminal record, who wants to be the Grand Rapids Bachelor at River House. The contest starts out with some castings calls, then according to their Facebook page, the top 10 finalists will go out on dates at local venues with a bachelorette (no word if its the same bachelorette or different ones for each finalist) and then they will “be slowly eliminated until only one bachelor stands!” Which would be the winner.

So what does this lucky winner receive for all his trouble. Well according to the rules and eligibility section of the website “The winner will also be featured on all print and electronic promotion of the Bachelor Pad.” Oh great, the bachelor will have his mug and/or torso used for free advertising and promotion. Nothing better than being an unpaid model for a company that is using you for its own monetary gain.

Additionally, “all finalists will receive free meals and entertainment during the course of their participation with this contest.” Well that is nice, we do not want the prospective bachelors to disappoint their bachelorettes with a crappy date at Quinzos.

Lastly, perhaps the greatest prize of all is “The winner of the River House Bachelor Grand Rapids contest will receive the use of the Bachelor Pad at River House Condominiums for weekend accommodation and entertainment purposes up to three (3) times throughout 2011”. WOW! 3 weekends, 6-9 days (if you count Friday) out of a whole year! That is amazing! What a great prize. I would not be surprised if the bachelor will also have to pay for his own parking at River House for one of his three weekends.

What is this “Bachelor Pad” room? Can’t you just give the winner the room for the whole year? Or is this pad also the communal room, where other residents can host events and gatherings. I wonder if there are black out periods. What if this “Bachelor Pad” room is a dump (I doubt it) but there are no pictures anywhere to prove otherwise.

If you are going to do a contest like this why not go all the way. I would think River House could leverage this promotion better if the winner stayed their the whole year. Check up with him throughout, do some videos, have him give tours that sort of thing.

This whole ordinary person who becomes locally famous is somewhat amusing for me. Do you remember WOTV The F4CEe of 4? Well this is year two, of the promotion. The winner does get “used” by the station and is plastered in advertisements, used in events, and in spots on TV, but least the F4CE of 4 actually wins something, $20,000 . I just remember seeing last years F4CE of 4, Jordan Carson and her dog at a local high school football game handing out Subway Sandwiches and encouraging people to win swag with a bean bag toss.  She was very friendly and personable but seems like a drag (it was quite cold out as well). I can’t imagine having to do that week in and week out.

Any prospective eligible bachelors reading this blog that would participate in the contest?  Why or why not?


9 responses to “Bachelor Pad Grand Rapids Promotion – A Few Thoughts

  1. wow, and I thought bloggers were the only ones who received sucky pitches!

  2. R.A. Evans writes...

    Who would have thought that a simple contest to promote downtown living would ruffle feathers? As The Director of Marketing @ River House I was mostly responsible for this promotion and make no apologies. our team thought long and hard about the pro’s and con’s and we see this as a win/win for River House and for the participants.

    River House is the premier address in downtown Grand Rapids and what we are doing with The Summit @ River House (floors 27-33 penthouse models – such as The Bachelor Pad) is setting a new lifestyle standard. Don’t just take my word for it, ask Mr. Art Van who recently moved into The Summit @ River House and raved about it both on WOOD-TV8 and in the pages of The Grand Rapids press.

    Our Bachelor pad is a condo geared toward the young male professional; it’s high-tech and tricked-out. With all of the buzz generated by ABC’s The Bachelor, we thought it would be fun to ride the show’s coattails with our promotion. Like it or not – many people follow the show and actually are having fun with this promotion.

    As for the prizes, I agree, it would have been wonderful to offer The Bachelor Pad to the contest winner. Trust me – we discussed it. But the developer is in the business of selling condos (and River House ranks as one of the fastest-selling developments in the Midwest), not giving them away – even on a temporary-basis. Plus, we’re confident this condo won;t be on the market long.

    We’re up front with what we are offering – the opportunity for participants to see and experience some of the excitement and culture of downtown and for one lucky winner the chance to entertain be the first to enjoy The Bachelor Pad @ River House. I, for one, believe there are far less enjoyable things to do with your time.

    Don’t just us by what little you know of the promotion thus far. Come out to a casting call, follow the contest online, tune into 105.3 HOT-FM or even stop by River House and see what all the buzz is about.

    • R.A.,

      Thanks for commenting. I wouldn’t say that the contest is ruffling any feathers, but for me the prize seems lackluster. The little I know of the promotion is based on the information that was made available on your website and facebook page. If there is more information then put it out there. I am sure that I am not the only one scratching his head.

      For example:
      – There is no mention of what the winner receives in the opening text on the website, you have to go down to the rules to find out more.
      – What exactly is this “bachelor pad”?
      – Why aren’t photos of the space on the contest website or the facebook page?
      – Wouldn’t this “bachelor pad” have to be vacant for the days that it is not being used by the bachelor?
      – What is stopping the winner from waiting to use one of his weekends until the last weekend in 2011? If that is the case then this bachelor pad can’t be sold or leased until the 2012. So the developer is stuck either which way.

      I don’t doubt that your promotion will be a success with the audience that you are targeting, and the organizations that you have partnered with, but like I said earlier, the prize just doesn’t seem all that appealing. I just think you could have done a lot more.

      In regards to the casting call, I am afraid I have to decline (married, with 2 kids), though if you ever decide to do a “Family Pad”, then maybe.

  3. I certainly hope that men with homes and jobs will stay away from this contest, and give a chance to homeless or jobless men who need a place to crash for at least 3 out of 52 weekends. They can get a hot meal, too!

    What can we do to discourage men with jobs and homes to apply for this contest?

    • Laura,

      That is definitely an angle I have never thought of, very intriguing. But since the rules do not state how the 10 contestants are selected, it might be a hard sell. But I do like the out of the box thinking!

  4. Woo hoo! Change the contest theme to “Date a homeless, unemployed guy!”

  5. I heard it’s a fluke anyway. The bachelorette is dating someone at River House. Great way to pull in business I suppose.

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