Confession time, I have way too many saved bookmarks on my internet browser.  Occasionally I go through and try to purge any links that no longer work or that I don’t find interesting anymore.  Now every time I did this I always hesitated on one link on whether I should delete it or keep it.  Well I decided to keep it and look now I have a blog post.

The link in question is  Robert Carlton, is not a distinguished English Gentleman, but rather a local manufacturer of “high quality wooden hangers,” located in Zeeland, MI.  Per the website Robert Carlton is owned by Bennett Wood Specialties, which is a 4th generation family owned business that started back in 1906. Granted hangers aren’t really sexy or exciting like micro-breweries or start-ups, but all the same I stumbled upon this link and decided to save it.  Luckily though I happened to stumble upon on a different link this time for Hangers Plus is a company located in Coopersville, that makes hangers! Now with Hangers Plus, they have a huge variety of hangers – plastic or wooden, US or European Style (who knew?), tops, bottoms,  outwear, or intimate…the possibilities are endless. They also manufacturer their hangers around the world – Shenzhen, Hangzhou, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, and India.  They also have numerous other locations.  Which is quite impressive for a company most have never heard of, tucked away in Coopersville, quietly making hangers.

How do you like that two hanger companies in West Michigan?  Honestly it isn’t a big deal, but I would have never thought that West Michigan would have had one hanger company, let alone two.  But it just goes to show the width breadth of products that are made by local companies, and also showcases how one seemingly simple product can have some many variations and ways to differentiate yourself.

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  1. I’m guessing the fact that these two hanger manufacturers are in West Michigan can probably be traced back to John Thomas Batts of Grand Rapids, the inventor of the wishbone clothes hanger in 1903, and to retailer Meyer May of Frank Lloyd Wright house fame. Apparently May was the first retailer to display his wares on hangers. He used Batts hangers and the idea caught on big time. Batts Inc. of Zeeland until the late 1990’s, when they were as I remember bought out by one of their competitors, was one of the one or two biggest manufacturers of hangers in the world. On the Robert Carleton link it explicitly states that they bought the rights to the Batts line of wooden hangers. I suspect that hangersplus has some similar connection to Batts.

  2. Great comment, Bruce! Thanks for the information, what an interesting tie-in. I dug up some more information about John Thomas Batts – about his hangers and his empire. Its interesting that Robert Carleton doesn’t provide more information about how they own the wooden Batts line of hangers.

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