Hi, I am Mark.

The Ledger (formerly known as West Michigan Business Blog) is my blog.  I liken my blog to that neat little tucked away room in “back” where they keep all the good stuff.  You know like at the library where they keep at the good books, or the store with the premium items, or the firework store in Indiana with their illegal even for Indiana back room.  This is a place where you get the extra info, a little more depth, and of course my opinions and thoughts.

I am a marketing professional who lives in Holland with my wife (who rocks) and two young children (not surprisingly but they rock as well), but I work in Grand Rapids.  I have a somewhat insatiable  thirst for local business news, which I enjoy reading when I have time (two kids remember). As a native Chicagoan, I moved to West Michigan in the summer of 2005, and I have come across many interesting companies, and stories which there was little to no information available on the subject (see Graces article).  This blog got started for a couple of reasons:

1) So I do not forget interesting news I come across
2) To communicate all the interesting and odd business news I come across in West Michigan to my friends and family back in Chicago
3) To see if my readers can answer any questions that I dig up
4) A want to exercise my creative side, and my writing brain muscle
5) To pretend I am immensely important because I write a blog
6) Learn more about my new home

Bringing the information I can find to the forefront is something I enjoy to do, but I could always use some help.  So if you have any information, ideas, or tips please let me know.

I can be reached in the following ways:

E-Mail – ledgerwm@gmail.com

Here are some of my most popular posts:


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3 responses to “About

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  2. Hi Mark,

    I just discovered your blog and really appreciate the fact checking you provide. I think your back stories are more interesting than the primary ones. If you really want to shake the bees nest how about a story on the invisible wall that exists between Grand Rapids and Holland. Or what “Holland Nice” is.

    One thing your blogs have highlighted for me is the strange covert marketing and self promotion that is happening under the guise of “news”. Thanks for sharing. Keep going!

  3. Mark,

    Just checked out the blog. Good work. Interesting perspective. This is the kind of good stuff I want to read about when it comes to business. Good story ideas above in Jay’s response. I’m thinkin’ the “divide” is a cultural thing. Kind of like the Cubs/Sox in Chicago. Is it only geographic? Holland “Nice” is another enigma altogether.

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