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Company Fun Time!

Can West Michigan companies host fun activities for their employees?  Thinking back on the things that my company does there are a few, like an occasional summer picnic, game room which is “lightly used” and our most recent chili cook-off/Halloween event.  The chili cook-off was also held in conjunction with Halloween costume contest so your department could develop a theme around your chili entry.  Despite our contest not being fair and clearly having an inferior chili win the employee vote (need to think of some guidelines to prevent ballot stuffing next year), it was a good time, and it seems that everyone had enjoyed themselves.

So what other fun things are companies doing for their employees?  Back in August, six local West Michigan companies (Amway, Gordon Food Service, Meijer, Perrigo, Steelcase, and Wolverine World Wide) put together the West Michigan Intern Olympics, where 160 interns competed for their employers, to determine which company hires the most athletic interns!  Well not quite but they do get a trophy, and at least they get a small friendly rivalry going between the companies to keep things interesting.  For internal purposes, I am sure it is a nice little team building exercise and unifier.  I just want to know how they came up with this idea. Perhaps next year they can invite Herman Miller and Haworth to participate and see how competitive they get with each other and with Steelcase.  Anyone reading who participated in the Intern Olympics (you better comment)?

So what fun things does your company do or what have you heard that those other companies do behind their walls?  Let’s show those internet startups (pre-bubble) area how West Michigan represents!