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Spartan Stores Discontinues Michigan’s Best Campaign

Well that did not last long.  Back in July 2009 Family Fare (Spartan Stores) had started a Michigan’s Best campaign (see my original blog post)which highlighted food and products that are made in Michigan.  They would do this by adding little product tags on the shelves where the prices are listed.

Well they are no longer there.   I did a quick scan through the aisles of Family Fare and didn’t see any Michigan’s Best tags.  I purposely sought out products I knew were produced in Michigan such as Velvet Peanut Butter, and Koeze Peanut Butter (ok so I was in the peanut butter, and jelly aisle)








Too bad it was always fun seeing what products were made in Michigan, and I could feel a little better about supporting our state when I did purchase something produced here.  I emailed Spartan Stores to get an answer on why the program was stopped but I have not had any response.  I guess I am not a credible media outlet just yet.